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Calvin L. Smith (ed.)
The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism

King’s Divinity Press, 2013


This book explores the relationship between the Jewish people, the Church and Israel from biblical times to the present. Fifteen essays from contributors with published work in the field provide readers with a careful and objective examination of the issue from various perspectives, at a time when the debate surrounding the relationship between the Church and Israel raging within Evangelicalism is increasingly polemical and polarised.


“A large portion of the word of God in the Old Testament is being misinterpreted or deliberately avoided by those who have adopted the teaching that the Christian Church has replaced Israel and that the ancient promises made by God to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David are now passé. However, Calvin L. Smith has edited a set of chapters in a new book that makes a vital contribution towards rectifying this imbalance in interpretation. May it spark a long-overdue discussion among Evangelical interpreters of all persuasions as well as one between Jewish people of the book and believers in the Christian Church.”
~ Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

“It is refreshing to see a biblically grounded presentation of God's faithfulness to Israel that affirms the gospel for the Jewish people and the idea that God will keep his promises to Israel.”
~ Darrell L. Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

“A book of this quality, character and courage has been needed for decades.”
~ Mitch Glaser, President, Chosen People Ministries

“The book will strike a strong note in response to growing supersessionist influences regarding God's promises to Abraham and his descendants.”
~ Robert L. Thomas, The Master's Seminary

“The articles in this book… seek to answer biblically some of the oldest heresies in the Church. I warmly commend this book and pray that it will be widely read.”

~ David Torrance, retired Church of Scotland minister and author

Stephen M. Vantassel
Dominion over Wildlife
Foreword - Tom C. Rakow

King’s Divinity Press, 2013

For centuries Christians believed that God granted humanity dominion over the animal kingdom, meaning that we had a moral right to kill, manage, and eat animals including wildlife. Recently, however, environmental and animal rights activists have assaulted this traditional perspective. They argue that dominion as expressed in meat eating and hunting has resulted in species extinction and environmental degradation. Christian Animal Rights (CAR) activists suggest that the church must reevaluate its traditional beliefs in light of the fact that God's original creation was free of human on animal violence. God, they argue, did not want man's dominion to be expressed through trapping, killing, and eating of animals. These violent activities only came about after the Fall, as God condescended to our hardness of heart. CAR activists point to Christ's sacrificial work of reconciliation as a model for modern Christian behaviour: as Christ sacrificed for us, we should avoid eating meat and hunting as ways we can participate in Christ's non-violent work of reconciling creation to himself.

In this book, Stephen M. Vantassel investigates the biblical, ethical, and scientific arguments employed by the CAR movement concerning human-wildlife relations. In this regard, the book engages in practical theology by addressing several important questions: How should Christians treat our wildlife neighbours? Has the Church been wrong in its understanding of human dominion? Does God want Christians to avoid hunting, trapping, fishing, and to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle? This book provides answers to these questions by detailing a theology the author calls, ‘Shepherdism.’.

“Using both Old and New Testament references, Stephen M. Vantassel very effectively defends trapping, hunting, fishing, and all animal use from the claims of the Christian Animal Rights movement . . . This book is essential reading for Christians and non-Christians alike. Not only does it clarify the issue of animal use, it allows people to use the Bible to defend themselves from attacks by animal rights activists. And it enlarges our awareness of our relationship with the physical world. Vantassel has given us the gift of increasing our consciousness, thereby expanding our ability to worship God.”
~ Bob Noonan, Editor, Wildlife Control Technology

Paperback and Kindle available
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King’s Divinity Press

Wipf & Stock, Publishers

C. S. Lewis: Revelation & The Christ

Book 1

“Comments and publications on

C.S. Lewis have become increasingly sterile since his death in 1963—mere footnotes to the champion of ‘mere Christianity.’ So what a joy it is to find, as we do in this first volume of Paul Brazier’s painstaking study of Lewis’s thought, a genuine work of scholarship that is not only worthy of the great man but also provides for us what Lewis never did himself: a systematic philosophical theology of his religious method and beliefs.”

Dr. Andrew Walker

Emeritus Professor of Theology, Religion, and Culture, King’s College London

Book 2

“P.H. Brazier’s comprehensive study

details Lewis’s Christology, revealing that what Lewis thought about Christ was what he thought about everything. This insightful, thorough, learned exposition of the quintessence of Lewisian theology also suggests a reading of his fiction and literary theory, bringing readers back to Lewis’s ouevre again and again.”

Sørina Higgins

Adjunct Faculty Member in English,
Penn State Lehigh Valley

Book 3.1

“In this truly wonderful book, Brazier . . . shows us how Lewis, a gifted storyteller, was able to  appropriate the Hebrew creation account as a symbolic telling of a fundamental truth about the human condition. In the process, the reader is shown how classical Christian orthodoxy is upheld … A pleasure to read for theologians and literary aesthetes alike.”

Prof. Gerald L. Bray

Research Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School
Samford University

Book 4

“Our age assumes bibliographic work is nothing more than technical knowledge - best compiled by computer. This volume challenges that by restoring humanity and empathy to the craft of scholarship. The bibliographical study contextualises Lewis as one transfixed by the patristic vision of Christ, and gifted to share that with others through a wealth of literary endeavours. Anybody who wants to understand the theological and literary architecture of Lewis’s ‘Mere Christianity’ will benefit from this work.”

Peter Sanlon

Lecturer, Doctrine and Church History
Oak Hill Theological College (Church of England)


Book 3.2

“Much has been written about the Lewis-Anscombe debate, but Brazier succeeds in putting this exchange of ideas in perspective. His thorough analysis of Lewis's philosophical education not only places this debate in another light, but also offers new perspectives on the whole body of Lewis's writings. In addition, this volume offers a timely in-depth study of Lewis's thoughts on the church and an eminently useful exposition of Lewis on the ‘last things’.”

Henk van Wingerden

Minister of the Hervormde Gemeente, Protestant Church of the Netherlands,

Paperback and Kindle available

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The series at Wipf & Stock, Publishers

C.S. Lewis: Revelation and the Christ is a series of books by P.H. Brazier that have a common theme: the understanding of Christ, and therefore the revelation of God, in the work of C.S. Lewis. As such this is a key to his theology and philosophy, and in many ways all his work.

These books are a systematic study of Lewis’s theology, Christology and doctrine of revelation; as such they draw on his life and work. They are written for academics and students, but also, crucially, for those people, ordinary Christians, without a theology degree who enjoy and gain sustenance from reading Lewis’s work.

The series consists of four books—

Book One
C.S. Lewis—Revelation, Conversion, and Apologetics

Book Two
C.S. Lewis—The Work of Christ Revealed

Book Three (Books 3.1 and 3.2)
C.S. Lewis—On the Christ of a Religious Economy

Book Three will be published in two parts

C.S Lewis–On The Christ of a Religious Economy.
I. Creation and Sub-Creation

C.S Lewis–On The Christ of a Religious Economy.
II. Knowing Salvation

A fourth volume, consisting of an in-depth bibliography, with an introductory essay on Christology as the study of Christ, a glossary and guide, completes the series:

Book Four
C.S. Lewis—An Annotated Bibliography and Resource

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3.1, and Book 4 are available now, in paperback and in Kindle (Amazon)/eBook formats.

Book 3.2 will be published February 2014.

All books are published by Wipf and Stock,
in the Pickwick Publications imprint.

“Who is the Christ?” Answers, full details, descriptive essays on each volume, detailed contents, more about each book, endorsements, downloads, and links to Wipf and Stock, to Amazon (UK & USA), all can be found on the dedicated website:


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